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                    0516-85950655 13952209218
                    “ V8-4 4D ”
                    2018-12-28 17:20:38 
                    V8-4   4D

                    Bandwidth: 4 – 8 MHz Applications: General, small adult and Pediatric Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology Imaging Modes: Steerable pulsed Doppler, High-PRF Doppler, Color Doppler, Color Power Angio, SonoCT, XRES, Panoramic, harmonic, STIC imaging Features:Supports high resolution 2D imaging, 3D color Doppler, high resolution quantitative single sweep 3D volume acquisition, 4D imaging up to 30 volumes per second Field of View: 85? Biopsy Guide: Available

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